Reaching your Target Customers is like Finding a Needle in a Haystack. Here's why...

Potential Brides (100%)


This is the number of Single Asian Females aged 20-35, in the UK. It’s great to have lots of potential customers, but reaching them all means using a ‘Spray & Pray’ approach to advertising. This is expensive and inefficient.

Actual Brides (4%)


This is how many Asian weddings take place in the UK every year.
Knowing the number of actual brides is great. Reaching the 4% with your adverts isn’t easy. But it is easy to waste money on the 96%…

Target Customers (1%)


Brides actively planning & booking at any one time during the year.
When the Wedding Date and Venue is set, everything else is booked within weeks.
Your ‘Window of Opportunity’ to influence the customer is less than 3 months.
If you don’t reach the Bride during this crucial period, you’ve lost her. Period.